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Archaea Capital Research, Inc., specializes in macro investment analysis for institutional investors. Archaea employs a disciplined and evolving combination of proprietary global macro, asset allocation, fundamental, quantitative, and technical research models to produce economic reports, model portfolio changes, and price forecasts for currencies, fixed income, equities, and commodities markets.


Archaea is an innovative and unique market research company. We track research ideas in a real-time model portfolio, with full transparency and accountability. Yearly qualitative & quantitative evaluation is made on all the wins and losses, and FY performance is reported in a closing note. Throughout the year clients receive real-time updates with mark-to-market of all open/closed calls. What began as a best ideas model portfolio in late 2007 is now a 6-year winning track record Ė fully verifiable with dozens of references.


The company is built on a reputation for impeccable quality and passion for markets. We are not sales and marketers. We are research. When information is needed, we build our own tools. Data forms our opinion, not the other way around. We challenge the conventional wisdom, using an objective and systematic approach. And we donít write anything unless itís worth talking about.































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