Archaea noun pl \är-ˈkē-ə\

  1. Modern Latin, from Greek archaios (ancient)
  2. One of the three domains of cellular life forms, possessing unique ancient evolutionary history. Considered to be some of the oldest species of organisms on Earth. Often characterized by perfect adaptation to extreme environments once considered impossible to support life.

Core Principles

  • Client comes first – integrity, transparency, and accessibility are obligations, not luxuries
  • Capital preservation and risk control are the scales through which all opportunity is evaluated
  • Robust investment strategies are objective and consistently seek to identify and anticipate the behavior of the crowd
  • Imagination, innovation, understanding, and action
  • Markets are constantly evolving, path-dependent, variable-extreme systems, demanding adaptability and a willingness to imagine, consider, and respect all possible outcomes
  • Fear, greed, and the incentive structures in finance perpetually create investment opportunities
  • The study of economic, political, social, and market history builds foundations for unique insight